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Repairing soft plastic baits

Soft plastics are expensive. Even 10 packs can cost you some serious cash of you fish them enough. Most soft plastics are good for one, maybe two fish, before they get torn up and become useless. There are days when I've literally gone through 3 bags of creature baits, and had to change lures because I ran out of bait. Frustrating. But, you can save money, time, and keep fishing by repairing your soft plastics. Get some Pro's Soft Bait Glue and keep it with your tools. Apply a drop to where the bait is ripped, torn or broken, and hold the parts together for 5-10 seconds. Guess what, you have a good-as-new bait. The glue is safe, odorless, colorless, and because one drop does it, it lasts forever. Imagine catching 10 fish using the same soft plastic bait, just by repairing it...